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We met back in high school working at a Christian summer camp together. Pretty much as soon as we met each other there was a special connection between us. We became very close over the first summer of knowing each other however, we never ended up dating for a few years because the timing was always off and one of us would be seeing someone else. The summer of 2020 we met up and finally discussed still having feelings for each other and the thought of now being God's timing for us to be together. We then dated for a year and a half up to the proposal.


For our proposal it was actually my dad's birthday which really kept the idea of what was happening a surprise. We met up in College Station to do a quick lunch and Christmas present exchange, before we had to go get dinner with my dad and family. We ate lunch at Rosa's Cafe, then Dillon took me to this building called the Momentum Plaza. It's my favorite building because it's a random European styled plaza outside of College Station with a beautiful courtyard. Once we got there we went and sat on a bench inside the courtyard and gave each other our gifts. Now Dillon's gift to me was a picture book he had made with a letter he wrote to me throughout it and on the last page was a picture of my ring being made and that was when he got down on one knee and asked the question. Then our family members all came out of the bushes and loved on us!

When it came to planning your wedding, what were some of the essential elements you incorporated that made it your dream wedding?

I always wanted a wedding where the ceremony had an overlooking view so we found one with a vista overlooking some hills with a river below. Since it was outdoors in May I knew I wanted summer colors and a variety not all one and I wanted my dress to have a summery feel to it and not too elegant so the flowy chiffon bottom did that well. Neither of us are cake people so we did a donut wall with Krispy Kreme! My favorite flowers are white roses so we were able to use those with splashes of light pink roses to keep the fun summer feel to the bouquets.

What piece of advice would you share with couples who are recently engaged and planning their wedding?

Honestly my biggest piece of advice during the wedding planning season is to always be communicating expectations. As the bride we know what we want or else we at least want to be in control of the whole process. However the groom's role might change throughout engagement due to the bride's expectations. So grooms be willing and ready to take on tasks or have tasks removed from you as planning goes and brides make sure you communicate to your fiancé exactly what the tasks are you need from him in a loving and grateful way. Then at the end of the day remember it's okay to set aside planning and just enjoy each other and live out the excitement of this season!

What would you tell couples who are considering using Rivers Light Photography to document their engagement and wedding day?

Stop considering and book Ashley! She is pure joy and a light to have as an addition to your wedding day. Let me tell you, as the bride the day of the wedding can still be a little stressful with people constantly asking questions and things not going as planned so then plans changing...and with all of that Ashley was the calm rock I needed and adapted to all the time changes perfectly and while doing so helped me just to breathe and enjoy my time with those around me capturing the special moments. So along with her being a staple to the day, the end result of the photos are absolutely beautiful!! We will treasure her works for the rest of our marriage! Book Rivers Light Photography now and have one less thing to worry about!


I met Marissa and Dillon several years ago after working together during a styled shoot. When they reached out after getting engaged, I was incredibly honored and beyond excited to work with them again! They and their families are some of the sweetest humans. The day was filled with so much love and joy. Even with perfect plans, things can change on the actual day of your wedding. Hair and makeup can run long, someone in the wedding party can be late, someone can get sick, etc. That is why it's so important to allow margin in your schedule. I am so grateful Marissa trusted my judgement when moving things around in the schedule last minute. They were able to get in all the important photos without cutting into the time spent partying with loved ones! Let me tell you - it was a GREAT celebration!



Want to see Marissa + Dillon's full album, you can view it here: McCrea Wedding

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