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The Lifestyle Room | Sprouts Studios | Kemah, TX

If you are wanting to do an indoor lifestyle session - head shots, maternity, anniversary or boudoir - you definitely want to consider doing it at Sprout Studios in Kemah, TX. Here are a few reasons why I love this location:

Perfect Lighting | There are three big windows so even on a cloudy day you will have great natural light coming into the room. It makes for the perfect balance of light and shadows.

Private | The studio has three additional spaces available for rent but this room is closed off so no need to worry about curious eyes if there are other sessions happening.

Great Props | While some studio rentals require you to bring your own props, Sprouts Studios boudoir room provides a bed, chair, stool, wall, windows, and a partition.

Versatility of Space | Between the lighting and props, there is so much that can be done in this space. If you're wanting images that are dark/moody in style, you can certainly accomplish that here as well.

If you’re wanting an indoor location for any type of lifestyle session, this location is an excellent choice!

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