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Tips for an Engagement Session in the Woods | Rivers Light Photography | Houston, TX


Spray for Bugs

More than likely we will have a run in with mosquitos so it's important to be prepared. Bug spray will help protect you as well as decrease the amount of removing bug bites I need to do later in editing.

Wear Proper Shoes

I highly recommend bringing along a pair of shoes that are comfortable to walk in and slip on/off. If it's recently rained, you may want to consider bringing rain boots. Most long, flowy dresses will hide your shoes.

Time of Day is Important

I highly recommend scheduling for 2-3 hours before sunset. Once the sun dips behind the trees, a LOT of light is lost and it changes the entire look of your images. This ensures the sun is glowing between the trees. Once the sun dips behind the trees, it

Prepare for the Heat

Be sure to drink a lot of water before your session and bring a bottle along with you to drink during your session. Choose outfits that area lightweight and bring a hand towel along for sweat spotting.

Multiple Outfits

Not every wooded location will have a restroom nearby. If you plan on changing outfits, be sure to let your photographer know in advance. I have a wagon to carry items and a pop up changing tent I can bring along so we don't need to walk all the way back to the cars.

Ready to book an engagement session in Houston, TX? Rivers Light Photography is passionate about capturing photos as timeless as your love story. Contact or click here to get more information.

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