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Janeth & Angel Wedding | The Springs Event Venue | Wallisville, TX

Their Love Story

We met at church and fell in love at first sight! The rest was history!

The Proposal

He proposed to me on New Years! Surprised me thinking I’d just be a New Years party but it was really the proposal! We shared this special moment along with family and great friends.

When it came to planning your wedding, what were some of the essential elements you incorporated that made it your dream wedding?

The color scheme, bridesmaid dresses, the way our venue reception looked like and the outside ceremony. Everything was spot on.

What piece of advice would you share with couples who are recently engaged and planning their wedding?

Once advice I could give newly engaged couples is to plan ahead! We didn’t start actually wedding planning until like 3 months before and it was a bit stressful! But everything turned out perfect! But id just say to save yourself some stress, & plan as the months pass by to your wedding day! & also just enjoy the moment because it really does fly by.

What would you tell couples who are considering using Rivers Light Photography to document their engagement and wedding day?

I would 100% recommend couples to consider using Rivers Light Photography to capture your wedding day! She was the sweetest and most understandable person. She was very helpful and knew what kind of pictures to capture for the perfect shot. I loved all my wedding pictures. They are all so beautiful and well organized on the portfolio.

Ready to book you Houston wedding photography services with Rivers Light Photography?

Rivers Light Photography is a Houston based photography studio that specializes in weddings and elopements.

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