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Four Ways to Ensure Fun Group Photos at Your Wedding

When you think about your wedding photos,

what are you looking forward to the most?

One of the most common answers I receive among my RLP Couples, is that they look forward to fun pictures with their loved ones. The Jung Wedding was the perfect example of how to ensure you create special moments with loved ones throughout the night so I want to share with you four ways they did this!

A PRIVATE CELEBRATION TOAST | While the guests are exiting the ceremony area, have champagne ready in a private area to celebrate with your family and wedding party!

SCHEDULE TIME TO VISIT EACH TABLE | This ensures you get to greet all of your guests. I will follow you so that you also get a group photo with everyone.

CELEBRATION CIGARS | During the reception, let your groom sneak off with the fathers, grandfathers and groomsmen to share cigars (or shots).

HAVE FUN | Seriously! Spend time talking, dancing, and enjoying the time you have with loved ones.

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