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KAITLYN | Bridal Portraits | The Oak Atelier | Conroe, TX

She is officially Mrs. Toups now and I am so excited to share these gorgeous bridal portraits! As you can see, the sun was BRIGHT. We started her session at 11am so the sun was already high. I typically recommend outdoor sessions to take place in the morning or two hours before sunset to avoid over exposure, but Kaitlyn's session turned out gorgeous. I love all of her details - hair, dress, bouquet...isn't she just stunning?

Kaitlyn bought this jacket when she was just 15 years old in hopes of using it when she got married and now that moment is here! Doesn't it work so well for a "something blue" too? Love this idea!

Shoutout to Mom, Grandmom, and Sister for dressing up and coming along to participate in such a special memory!

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