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Anniversary Session | NSR Loft 1 | Houston, TX

Getting to capture a couple for their anniversary is always a special honor for me. I think about the investment they've made into one another. It an investment of time, sacrifice, compromise, attention, affection, and so much more. You know one another in a way no one else ever could and that is sacred.

As the years go by, you and your spouse change. The dynamics of your relationship and your lifestyle look different than they did when you first got married. Taking photos for your anniversary, is an opportunity to document the now so you can remember later.

Growing up, I loved comparing photos of my parents over the years to their wedding photo. Getting to hear them reminisce on memories from those different years was priceless. Those photos were like a time capsule showcasing their fashion, interests, favorite locations and most importantly their love.

Believe it or not, doing a photo shoot can be a really a fun and intimate experience. This can be great for couples in need of quality time together as well as the couples ready for their next adventure.

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