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2020 Vision: A Year in Review

I want to share with you some personal lessons I am taking away from 2020:

The gift of HINDSIGHT | If I'm being honest, I limped into 2020. I was working a full time office job and running two businesses. I worked during the day and edited my evenings away. I had been pushing myself and I had no idea how exhausted I was until we were forced to quarantine. I was so emotionally, mentally, and physically tired from spreading myself thin that I was hindering myself from actually growing.

The gift of REST | I was pushing myself and I had no idea what it was truly costing me until we were forced to quarantine. I had been treating my marriage as second best, our home was out of order, my health deteriorated, and I was craving connection with loved ones. When you run your own business, sacrifices are a must but the battle is in not letting it consume you. Slowing down allowed me to see clearly, reevaluate my priorities and create a strategy for better balance in my life. It also allowed me to rest for a period of time. It's in rest that we find healing and recovery. This is imperative to growth.

The gift of OPPORTUNITY | Like so many others, I lost my job a few months into quarantine. While getting that news was terrifying, it also ended up being the push I needed to go full time with my business. The financial security of my office job had made it impossible to ever imagine leaving and pursuing what I love. My husband and I are so grateful that I had photography to fall back on when that security was taken away. I was able to use my talents to serve our community and I had time to continue my education.

The gift of COMMUNITY | In a time where we've never been more isolated, I learned to prioritize connection with my loved ones and remember the role I play in contributing to community. I have quality time with my husband, weekly ladies night with my closest girlfriends, check-ins with our families, and a community of colleagues supporting one another. I am more aware of how I can be a servant to my community, especially those who are experiencing pain and loss.

What are some of your takeaways from 2020?

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